Flowers Natural Cosmetics For Protect The Skin

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Instead of using creams and lotions for natural beauty, use natural gifts. Allah Almighty is beautiful and loves beauty. The cleansing of nature is evident in everything, but flowers are the best example of its cleansing. Flowers are rightly likened to natural gems. Colourful flowers refresh and soothe the eyes. Thus, all flowers are beautiful, yet some flowers get immediate attention because of their colour and fragrance.

Colour schemes and flower types have a big hand in flower decoration. Place the chrysanthemum scheme in front of the place where you are decorating, then arrange the flowers. Roses, pearls, marigolds, tulips, jasmine, etc. are the flowers that are used. Flowers are a great way to express aesthetic tastes. reflect our emotions. Flowers are the shining stars of our earth. It is impossible to imagine a world without flowers.

The usefulness of flowers:

The flower is not only used for decoration but also for many other purposeful and useful purposes. They are used in this type of medicine. Take the rose which is the king of flowers and it is not only united in form and fragrance, it has many functions. Rose flower is used to make sugar cane which is used in many prayers and meals.

Who is unaware of the importance of rose liqueur which is extremely useful for eyes and face. In summer, put a few drops of rose water in the eyes. There will be a feeling of immense comfort and serenity. Mixing lemon and glycerin in rose juice and using it in winter has an immediate effect on cracked skin and keeps the skin soft and beautiful. Applying liqueur refreshes the skin.

Fragrances of rose

Boil fresh flowers in a cloth bag and boil them in a little water, then mix this water with cold water and take a bath. Fresh aroma will come to you for hours and you will be refreshed and refreshed all day long. The fragrance of roses and jasmine flower is used to make the mind feel relaxed. In this way, when white leaves and its bark are found on the teeth, the smell and aroma come out of the mouth. Boil jasmine leaves in water and makes buds when cool. All tooth decay will be removed and the teeth will become shiny.

Fragrances of rose, pearl and jasmine are very popular. As well as being well-dressed, if perfume is also used in a high degree, it is a golden thing. The fragrance creates a pleasant feeling. The atmosphere is fragrant. The fragrance of the flower also keeps the atmosphere fragrant. Undoubtedly, flowers are a beautiful and invaluable gift of nature. Flowers are delicate, sensitive and a masterpiece of beauty.

Protect skin from flowers:

Flowers are everyone’s favourite because of their beauty. In addition to these properties, flowers have medicinal value and are also used in cosmetics to enhance beauty, so instead of resorting to creams and lotions for natural beauty, you will benefit from nature’s gifts.

 Flowers are the centre of everyone’s attention for their beauty and fragrance. Even a small wildflower attracts and attracts people’s attention. In addition, the word beauty is also very suitable for the skin. Our skin is as beautiful as a flower, but it needs a lot of care and attention to maintain its natural beauty. Every skin is naturally beautiful. Like a blooming flower. However, maintaining the beauty of the skin requires natural methods instead of unnatural or artificial methods. Flowers, for example, play a natural role in maintaining natural beauty.

Cosmetic industries

Nowadays, cosmetic industries are making abundant use of flowers in the manufacture of their products. These include products other than hair oils, shampoos, talcum powders, moisturizers and perfumes. For hundreds of years, our ancestors used dried and fresh flowers to make cosmetic products in their homes. In addition to flowers, many vegetables and fruits are also used to enhance the natural beauty of the skin. These include Rose, Jasmine, Lavender, Mary Gold, Rosemary, Hibiscus, Chamomile, Camphor, and Geranium. Flowers that are natural skin protection cosmetics. The following are more details of the features of this great and beautiful gift of nature.


The rose is the king of flowers and is available in a wide variety of colours. Rose is the largest source of vitamin E. Therefore, it is the best tonic for smoothing and softening the rough and hard skin. It also helps to open and clean the pores of the skin. So they are included in faxes, packs, skin tanks and creams. It is also used in rose oils, perfumes and liqueurs due to its enchanting fragrance. Due to its immense benefits, beauty and beautiful colours, the rose is superior to all other flowers. That is why it is an honour to be the king of flowers. Its perfume is also very popular.


These blooming white flowers are readily available in a variety of forms from homes and gardens. It also produces oil, which is extremely fragrant and rich in vitamins. Due to its fragrant scent, it is used in perfumes, talcum powders, soaps and especially face powders. The perfume of jasmine is very popular among the people due to its extremely enchanting fragrance.


These flowers are very soft and usually found in clusters. Lavender is a versatile flower that is used in every cosmetic. That is why lavender is the most versatile flower used in cosmetics. Its fragrance is used in perfumes, soaps and talcum powders, as well as in refreshing tissue paper. Both fresh and dried lavender is useful for this purpose.

 Marry Gold:

The leaves of this flower are used to make body lotion. It balances excessively oily skin and is used for every complexion. Nature has put a lot of elements in the flower of the Marry Gold to maintain the balance of oily skin which keeps the oil of the skin in moderation.


This flower is very common but it is often overlooked, it has fragrance so it is also used in perfumes, lotions and creams. It also soothes and refreshes. It relieves skin problems.

Camphor Flowers:

They grow in humid climates. The colour of these bell-shaped flowers is pinkish blue and they grow in clusters. Its fragrance is soothing and is an elixir for skin diseases. Their oils have medicinal properties and are very beneficial for dry skin, ie they provide moisture to dry skin.

Geranium Flowers:

This flower is found in high-quality gardens and parks. This flower can grow in very carefully prepared gardens. This bacterium is attractive because it has antiseptic properties that destroy the bacteria found on the skin.

Lily Of The Valley:

These white flowers are very fragrant. These Susan flowers are used in perfumes, soaps and talcum powders.


This flower usually grows in the wasteland of areas and roadsides. The flowers resemble daisies and the leaves are silky grey and green. The whole plant has a special aroma that resembles a ripe apple. This mistake is very common in cosmetics. It helps to remove the lump. Reduces skin irritation and clears it, Tea and chamomile flower solution is very useful, especially for dry hair.



This shrub-like tree is found almost everywhere. This is a common type of shrub found in every home. Its bright red flowers are used for various treatments. Especially for hair, it keeps white hair black and helps them grow. This flower plays an important role in homes and industries. Flowers can be used to make cosmetic products at home.


Jasmine flowers cream:

Take fresh leaves of jasmine and grind them with rose water. Good fee pack for dry skin. It cleanses, softens and improves complexion. It contains a lot of oil, so it can be applied once a month on dry skin and twice a month on normal or oily skin.

Lavender Lotion:

Take a few flowers off and boil it in two cups of water. Strain and add hot olive oil. This body lotion softens and lubricates the skin. Especially in winter days, its use is the best tonic.

Elder Flowers Water:

Take a few elderflowers and wash them and then mix them well with six tablespoons of boiling water in a large pot. After soaking overnight, take a shower in the morning. In case of using dried flowers, take only two tablespoons of food. Use the following mixture for oily skin. Ten tablespoons of Elder Flower Water, five tablespoons of cucumber juice and four tablespoons of UD clone are very effective in closing open pores. For dry skin, mix half a cup of buttermilk or plain milk with six tablespoons of alder flower water and heat on low heat for 30 minutes. Now take it off and let it cool for three hours, then reheat it and filter it and add a tablespoon of honey. Dissolve in the same way and apply it on hard and irritated skin.

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